Ring with pearl and black Horn and 925 sterling silver

  • Brand: Yershov
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Main specifications
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Country: Ukraine
Material: Silver/Pearl/Bullhorn
size: 18
size_system: EU
Color: Silver/Black/White
Gender: female
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The black ring with pearl has a successfully chosen original shape. An unusual ring of increased complexity is characterized by a combination of various materials such as silver, natural bull's horn and pearls, which create a beautiful and complex design, as well as a play of volumes and lines.

The highly successful combination of three different materials in origin, structure, clarity and color makes the black ring unique.
The geometrically correct strict frame of the ring is made of silver and a pearl bead.

Through intricate handcrafting, the volumetric insert is made from a highly polished to a perfectly smooth surface of a natural organic material known as black horn, which is perceived as 'Black agate'. The perfect polishing of the bull's horn makes it look like a stone, while retaining its unique natural colors.

Considering the unique colors of the horn, as well as the handiwork of the author, each ring is characterized by a uniqueness that is also guaranteed by the very nature of the horn.
The use of organic materials and 925 sterling silver in one piece creates a jewelry symphony that cannot be replaced.

Amazing author's magic and charm, while an unusual ring seduces you with its noble beauty.
The ring features a new, unforgettable, interesting and unique design, exciting brilliance and excellent workmanship.
Producing country
Country Ukraine
Material Silver/Pearl/Bullhorn
size 18
size_system EU
Color Silver/Black/White
Gender female
Age group
Age group adult
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Google category Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Rings
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