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Main specifications
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Country: Ukraine
Material: Bullhorn/Silver
Color: Black/White/Silver
Gender: female
Age group: adult
Length: 5cm
Buy handmade rectangular earrings online in the online store |Cool jewelry| with UPS delivery worldwide.

Designer earrings are made of natural horn, the texture of which is warm and lively. Earrings have silver English locks.
The use of ancient technology and modern possibilities has created these elegant earrings of higher complexity with a luxurious design.

Rectangular earrings with a strict laconic shape are voluminous rectangles, according to which the author seeks to reveal the natural beauty of the material and ensure its uniqueness.
A perfectly smooth surface with a radiant, captivating and captivating sheen is achieved by sophisticated and painstaking polishing.

The master took into account the rich color palette of the horn and thus managed to manually create a natural color transition from gray - black to white. The perfect combination of colors gives a special beauty to the earrings. This miracle was created not by nature, but by human hands. By the hands of a true master.

The unique shape of the earrings made them a masterpiece of jewelry art, which clearly shows the idea of ​​the evolution of natural materials - from raw materials to products.
The author demonstrates his skills, imagination and gets the perfect quality of color and form.
Producing country
Country Ukraine
Material Bullhorn/Silver
Color Black/White/Silver
Length 5cm
Gender female
Age group
Age group adult
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Google category Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Earrings
Type of earrings
Type of earrings Earrings with English lock
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