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Main specifications
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Country: Ukraine
Material: Bullhorn
Color: Black/Yellow/White
Gender: female
Age group: adult
Antistatic: Yes

The massage comb with oval inserts is made of organic material - natural bullhorn with a warm and vibrant texture.

The natural bullhorn hair comb is the best organic material for hair, as the chemical composition is 99 percent identical to the structure of human hair.

With daily use, the bull's horn combs do not electrify the hair, excellent head massage, improved blood supply to the cerebral cortex, and a good mood for the whole day.

Exclusively handmade hair is used to make this natural hairbrush. The result of painstaking processing of the material is the horny frame of the scallop, which is also inlaid with pieces of horn. The comb has wavy teeth with rounded ends, which makes it easier to comb the hair and massage the scalp, which improves blood circulation and restores shiny and healthy-looking hair. The comb is very comfortable and pleasant to hold in the hand, because it warms the hand and, it would seem, has its own warmth.

The surface of the horny comb is brilliantly polished and brought to a perfect shine.

Thanks to the rich horn texture, complex manual work, and high professional skills, it became possible to create an unusual comb of increased complexity with an individual design.

Each comb is unique as the natural pattern cannot be repeated.

The buyer can be proud of this finest handmade hairbrush.

The best hairbrush is distinguished by its impeccable quality of work, shine, rich color palette, lightness, and an optimal combination of price and quality.

Producing country
Country Ukraine
Material Bullhorn
Color Black/Yellow/White
Gender female
Age group
Age group adult
Antistatic Yes
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