Long necklaces for women

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Main specifications
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Country: Ukraine
Material: Bullhorn/Leather cord
Color: White/Black/Yellow
Gender: female
Age group: adult
Google category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Necklaces
Creative and stylish long necklaces for women of the buffalo horn is exclusive handwork made of natural organic material known as a horn, the texture of which is warm and lively. There is a natural leather cord with a horn-type clasp regulating the length of the necklace.
The decor is based on an intriguing combination of black and white pieces of horn, where you can see the network of streaks.
Through laborious handwork, the use of natural qualities of the horn and by revealing its texture, each detail is made from separate pieces of horn with a special arrangement of the pattern. After finishing inlay-work, the master reached a perfectly smooth surface of the horn through hand polishing.
The necklace sparkles with unsurpassed brilliance, which is the first indicator of quality.
The use of its perfect technology made it possible to create a necklace of exquisite beauty. This adornment is characterized by complexity of handwork and diversity of techniques.
The necklace makes you admire it for the highest level of mastery. The master put in the adornment his soul, talent and high art.
The adornment which features luxurious design, texture, individuality, impeccable quality was created by master due to his great experience and deep knowledge.
If you care first about beauty and put on adornments to impress people around you by original, stylish and fashionable accessory and not by its price, then you should turn your attention to our author’s jewelry. Wear beautiful adornments, rather than expensive ones!
If you care first about beauty and put on adornments to impress people around you not by its price, but its originality, style, and fashion of peace then you should turn your attention to our jewelry.
Buy this one-of-a-kind glittering necklace!
Producing country
Country Ukraine
Material Bullhorn/Leather cord
Color White/Black/Yellow
Gender female
Age group
Age group adult
Google data
Google category Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Necklaces
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