Warranty and Returns

Warranty Service Statement

Jewelry is warranted for 12 months against manufacturing defects *.

* Manufacturing defect: crack, shell more than 1 mm.

The warranty does not cover:

1. For polishing the outer surfaces.

2. On jewelry that is deformed or has deviations from the standard geometric shape.

3. Decorations that have been dropped have been hit or deliberately damaged.

4. On jewelry that has been repaired by third-party companies or craftsmen.

The client, the owner of the jewelry understands and accepts the following facts:

1. During wearing, the jewelry may come into contact with other objects, which will leave marks in the form of abrasions, scratches, chips, dimples, dents, micro-cuts, and other damages, both on metal and on the horn of a bull. This process begins immediately from the moment of operation. Each person is exploited with a different intensity.

2. Under external load, the decoration may deform.

3. In silver jewelry, silver may darken.

4. During use, they can lose their gloss.

5. During operation, the technological elements that hold the insert can be damaged, which can lead to the loss (falling out) of the insert.

6. During use, the weight of the jewelry may decrease due to the abrasion of the metal layer, which is normal and natural for all jewelry. However, this also depends on the intensity of the use of the product.

If necessary, we are always ready to repair jewelry of our own production, if the repair in a specific situation allows it to be carried out. Each case is discussed individually when communicating with the manager.


The choice of jewelry is always a responsible process because this accessory should accompany you through life bringing pleasure and joy, not discomfort.

Since all Yershov jewelry is handcrafted, it should be borne in mind that they may differ from the studio photography on the website. To avoid surprises, we recommend that you request additional photos from our managers. We are always ready to help you.

Before ordering jewelry, please clarify all the parameters that are important for you (thickness, width, ring size, size, and shade of the stone).

When placing an individual order, as well, all the details are discussed with the manager.

Important: the rules of exchange and return apply if the jewelry was not worn.

Exchange and return of jewelry Yershov

According to the law of Ukraine, jewelry of proper quality cannot be returned (Resolution of March 19, 1994, N 172), but we are always ready to meet our customers halfway.

Replacement or refund is discussed ONLY directly with the customer. When contacting, please specify all the order data:

    - surname, name, and phone number from which the order was made;

    - order date;

    - jewelry name, size.

Change of size

Most of our models cannot be resized, but in specific cases, we can change the size of the ring or make a new replacement ring for a nominal fee.

In all other cases, resizing is charged. Also, note that changing any parameters (for all types of jewelry) after placing an order is paid.

The amount for a size change is discussed individually and depends on:

    - material;

    - stones;

    - the complexity of manufacturing;

In addition, it is possible to exchange the purchased model for a more expensive one with a surcharge of the difference. If the chosen decoration is cheaper, the difference is not refundable.

Please note that there is a charge for resizing after ordering. This is due to the fact that materials (metal, stones) were selected to order, the work of the master was done. Sometimes resizing requires a repeated production cycle and increases the production time of your jewelry.

Return of jewelry

Return terms are considered within 14 days after the customer receives the jewelry.

The jewelry should not show signs of wear and damage.

If the jewelry did not fit according to the following parameters:

    - width, the thickness of the model, dimensions of the decoration;

    - refusal from a gift / offer / celebration;

    - did not like it;

in such cases, a partial or full refund for the decoration is possible.

Partial money back

Jewelry purchased from the store without individual changes is subject to return, provided that 30% of the total cost (advance) remains with us. This is due to the cost of the work done and the materials used.

If the order is canceled during the manufacturing process, the return conditions are the same.

Full refund

When buying jewelry from stock, a refund is a possible minus 5% of the cost of the jewelry (bank commission from each transfer) and delivery service.


1. Jewelry is made according to individual design:

    - new models according to the customer's idea

    - with non-standard changes in the model;

    - products with individual engravings (name, date, phrases, other images);

2. Decorations that were in use.

3.Orders are completed with the client's stones.

4. Leather laces.

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