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Country: Ukraine
Material: Bullhorn/Silver/Silk cord
Color: Red/Silver/Black
Gender: female
Age group: adult
Google category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Necklaces
This garnet necklace is made of natural bullhorn.

It consists of a bull's horn, a leather cord, a horn clasp that adjusts the length of a necklace, and silver tips.

Using the natural qualities of the horn and laborious manual work, the master has created this beautiful necklace with an unusual combination of shapes. It also consists of a jewelry cord with drop-tipped horns and silver caps. The jewelry has a new expressive shape and consists of two symmetrically smooth plates. Through laborious work that requires great professional skills, experience, the craftsman has achieved the perfect smooth surface of the decoration and a radiant shine that attracts and enchants. Modern technologies make it possible to effectively use the natural advantages of the material. The skillful use of color and texture allowed achieving absolute harmony and balance in color and, thus, obtaining a special expressiveness of the necklace around the neck.

At the same time, you can see the natural pattern: a network of stripes, inclusions in the form of stripes, spots, etc. This garnet necklace from the author is made by hand for a stylish woman who is in step with the times. A bright, effective and light-colored piece of jewelry can be the perfect addition to your everyday wear. The ruby ​​necklace is characterized by impeccable quality and elegance.
Producing country
Country Ukraine
Material Bullhorn/Silver/Silk cord
Color Red/Silver/Black
Gender female
Age group
Age group adult
Google data
Google category Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Necklaces
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