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Country: Ukraine
Material: Bullhorn/Leather cord
Color: Red/Black
Gender: female
Age group: adult
Google category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Necklaces
Original handmade red necklace “Sea stones”
Beautiful red statement necklaces and unique pendant of higher complexity are made of natural organic material known as horn.
It consists of separate peculiar smooth ovals with brilliantly polished surface, jewelry leather cord with a "drop" on its end and horn-type clasp.
Given a rich color palette of horn and applying complex handwork, the author skillfully used the color and texture of horn.
By revealing the texture of horn, each oval is made volumetric with a special arrangement of the pattern.
It allowed the master to reach harmony and balance of color, as well as the special expressiveness of the adornment in general.
The pendant has subtle color combinations, showing the natural beauty of this amazing material.
Through hand polishing, the master achieved a perfect, smooth surface of horn that adds completeness to the adornment.
This unique pendant is created by the hand of a talented master. It is a unique item because the form can be repeated, while the color palette of natural material remains always inimitable.
The pendant astonishes by its complexity, expressiveness, beauty, elegance, high quality and lightness.
The adornment is made with love, and it will impress even the most demanding buyer.
Buy this red necklace, and you will be not unique but also show your superb taste.
Producing country
Country Ukraine
Material Bullhorn/Leather cord
Color Red/Black
Gender female
Age group
Age group adult
Google data
Google category Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Necklaces
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